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Gozo Holiday Farmhouse 

Find your home away from home with Gozo Holiday Farmhouse and discover the Maltese islands. The perfect escape to a Mediterranean dream. 

About Us


Welcome to Gozo Holiday Farmhouse; a collection of luxury properties that we are so madly in love with. Each of our properties has served as a second home to us and our family. We’ve spent hours admiring the view at Bebbux, getting lost in the beauty of Ta’Gannmarie and enjoyed the comfort of our modern apartments in Malta and Gozo. 


We look forward to welcoming you,

Jeff Mariella



The Maltese islands are found in the heart of the Mediterranean, where the sun never stops shining and the seascapes take your breath away.


Malta and Gozo are prime spots for relaxing holidays where your days will be filled with beach activities and cultural visits while your evenings serve as an opportunity to enjoy the nightlife with the cosmopolitan restaurant and bar scene.

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